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'LINK' Falsafa-e-shahadat Imam Hussain Pdf Download

🤘🏿 Falsafa-e-shahadat Imam Hussain Pdf Download ✫✫✫
Falsafa Shahadat Imam-e-Hussain -- (URDU) - Free e-book to download as PDF (.pdf) file. The material of this book meets the standard of training a professional erudite specialist with a higher education. Your ultimate goal in this job search is to become an expert in one area or another, and maybe even in several areas.The material in this manual is intended for the training of professionals with higher education or young professionals who want to study a particular area. In my opinion, this book can be used not only as a reference tool in the learning process, but also as a practical guide for students to practice in the curriculum, for example, in the methodology of scientific research. The study of the material in this book is aimed at obtaining knowledge in the main areas of the humanities and social sciences, as well as related ones. The content of this manual and materials for preparing for the exam: 1) Introduction Theme 1. The essence of law Theme 2. General legal theories of law Theme 3. Scientific schools of law Theme 4. Legislation Theme 5. History of the development of law Theme 6. The state Theme 7. Concepts, sub-sectors and branches of law Theme 8. The concept of law Theme 9. The concept and types of rules of law Theme 10. Human rights and freedoms Theme 11. Capacity and legal capacity Theme 12. Legal entities Theme 13. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Theme 14. Objects of law Theme 15. Subject of law Theme 16. Legal relations Theme 17. Presumption of innocence Theme 18. Copyright Theme 19. Civil law and procedure Theme 20. Housing law Theme 21. Inheritance law Theme 22. General provisions on administrative offenses Theme 23. Proceedings on cases of administrative violations Topic 24. Administrative law and law enforcement agencies Topic 25. Administrative procedural law Topic 26. Constitutional and municipal law
Contents Introduction Topic I. Socio-economic and political-legal aspects of state power and public service 1.1 The concept and significance of state power Topic 1-2. The legal basis of the state power of the Russian Federation Theme 3 State and polities Theme 4 State and society Theme 5 State and law Theme 6 State and economy Theme 7 The state and its institution, school Chapter 1. The concept of state and law. Historical chronology of the emergence of the state. The place and role of the state in the life of society Chapter 2. The nature of the state and political power in Russia. State structure of modern Russia Chapter 3. Politics and political systems of the world 2.1. The concept of the political regime in the Russian Federation f02ee7bd2b